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Tom Pridmore began the company that became Pridmore Corp. Electronic Components Distribution as a hobby after he retired as a manufacturers' rep, back in the late 1970s. The retirement wasn't voluntary, he was bought out by his partner and he had a non-compete agreement. Tom wasn't made for retirement. He tried though. He took up stamp collecting, and family tree research, and he bought a big motorcycle and joined the Shriners and rode around on trips on his motorcycle. My mother rode with him in back, she was always a good sport. But Dad couldn't resist getting back into the industry he loved so much, and where he still had so many friends, so he began helping some of the owners he knew by buying parts for them. At first he kept the inventory in our family room. He and my mother and I would sit around the dinner table counting out parts and bagging them. Then Dad refinished the garage and added air conditioning and turned that room into his warehouse so he could stock more. Then he bought an old 1920s Spanish style house in downtown Melbourne for his operations, when my mother couldn't stand having the components all over the house anymore. She wasn't that good of a sport! He hired a secretary and a computer specialist. In 1983 he incorporated. (To be continued...)