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Pridmore Corp. has ceased doing business as of March 31, 2017

Thank you for your business

Pridmore Corp. has ceased its business operations as of March 31, 2017. Although our company enjoyed steady returns, after 33 years of continuous operations we reluctantly determined that we could not continue to compete successfully in the current marketplace. We very much appreciate the longstanding trust and support of our loyal customers and suppliers, and the many warm business relationships that my father, Tom Pridmore, and the members of our staff have had through the years with you all. Dad would have been sad to see this day arrive, as we all are here, but I am certain he would agree that the time has come.

We are proud that, in spite of the challenges we faced in recent years, we are quitting the field with honor. All our suppliers and other creditors have been paid in full and our employees have been treated fairly. Our remaining inventory has been purchased by SIE Connect, whose phone number is 321-751-1366. Pridmore Corp. has not sold its name or authorized the use of its name to any other electronic components distributor or similar company, and any such use of our name would be an unauthorized use.

Jan Pridmore

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